About me

Hi, my name is Kala. My journey with T.R.E.@ has started back in 2016 in Poland, during the most challenging time in my life, when I was struggling with chronic stress and trauma, due to my mother's illness. I've always felt that T.R.E.@ has found me. I was very intrigued by it after the first, powerful session in the physiotherapy room. I've continued my journey almost a year later in Edinburgh, Scotland  when I've enrolled for the first T.R.E. group workshop. The deep level of calm I was sensing that day, was something that I've never felt before. Two years later I was ready to go deeper into the T.R.E.® process. I've started my training with T.R.E.® SCOTLAND to become a  Provider. I am deeply passionate about this body therapy modality and it's healing and transformative potential, a learning experience and source of unlimited growth for a lifetime. In my journey so far, T.R.E.® has helped me to survive my toughest times and has brought me back to the safety of my body. Used as a regular practise, it has brought more resilience, trust and self love. Improved my body awareness, capacity of movement, supports better posture, higher energy levels and general wellbeing. 


I offer sessions in Polish and English.

My educational background is  Philosophy, 
Early Education & Childcare.